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I had a good job.

I had seniority because I had been there for a long time.

I could take as much vacation as I wanted.

My budget was increasing and I was supported in attending conferences and being active in my profession.

I had to leave for a lot of reasons. A friend sent me a blog post that, while describing a different field, describes my situation perfectly.

And there are spaces to find out what is next. Double Union is one of them.



My last day at work was August 14. On September 2, I start a new job. Again, I am being quiet about it. I did change my work status on FB, but haven’t done anything with LinkedIn yet. There is time.

It is weird to be unemployed, though I am really not unemployed. I have a job, I just haven’t started yet.

The image to the left is from a site called B I am not linking to it as it looks like a Amway-Mary Kay-Tupperware. You can Google it and go there. That’s what I did.

I like the words. They are very true for my situation.

I thought I would stay after my leave, but while I had changed people that counted saw me in the same way. It was time to go and let someone else have a chance.

It is better for my mental health and better for the new regime to have a clearer playing field.