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Jason Theodor has created a system for moving you through the routine aspects of your life. New systems at the beginning of the year are always a good thing.
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The Mundane LifeFocus™ Card System (beta)
Created by Jason Theodor of, to promote Routinizational-Imprinting™, a patent-pending, life-altering method to habitualize mundane everyday tasks and incrementally improve happiness and well-being over time.
UPDATE! Mundane LifeFocus™ Card System v5.1 beta 5 Day + Weekend Cut ‘n’ Fold Wallet-sized Business Card Customizable Like-Majick™ Form-Field PDF Version has been released. Further documentation will be forthcoming.
Mundane LifeFocus Card System v5 Sample


10 Good Habits (or more)
To customize your own MLFC™, think of some good habits you would like to enforce. These are things that you know over the course of a year are going to make a big impact in small doses. What are your goals? Where do you want to be? Are they health based, project based, house based, work based? Write 250 words towards a novel, bench press 1 extra pound a day, take a photograph of what’s in your pocket, do the dishes, say something nice to a co-worker, laugh…
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DebR over at Red Shoe Rambling has really said how I feel about how fortunate I am in her post on Thanksgiving. Thanks to all of my readers here and over at Artquiltmaker Blog (
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today and always, I am thankful for family, friends, and furbabies.� I’m thankful for the beauty around me, even in the face of a lot of ugliness in the world. I’m thankful for a roof over my head, food on the table, and clothes on my back. I’m thankful for books to feed my mind and soul, and the internet to connect me to people I’d otherwise never meet. I’m thankful for everyone who takes time out of their day to stop by here and read my words, especially those who take a moment to leave a comment to let me know I’m being heard.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and thank-filled day, whether it is officially Thanksgiving Day where you are or not.

Happy Thanksiving

Here’s today’s Daily Art Thang:

take two

“Sage: Take Two” (Clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window.)

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“It’s not having what you want, but wanting what you’ve got”
—Soak up the Sun by Sheryl Crow.

I can’t committ to a Thought of the Day or a Photo of the Day or Art of the Day, thus “of the Moment,” an occasional series.