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ARtquiltmaker Blog on WordPress is being renamed AQ on the Edge. It will take a new direction that will probalby encompass quiltmaking, but will also discuss non quilt related topics that interest me. If you want to stick to quiltmaking go to Artquiltmaker.

Artquiltmaker the blog is on the move, but we aren’t quite ready for primetime. Please look at for now. Thanks!

In case you hadn’t noticed, December and July seem to be bad months for blogging for me. Don’t give up! This, too, shall pass. Like everyone else I am busy, though trying to be relaxed about the whole holiday thing. The cards are done, except for a few “problems” and one where the card and address are never in the same place at the same time. We’ll get there. Presents, pies, TTSP!

Blogger seems to be bleeding quiltmakers. Both Deirdre and DebR of the famous Red Shoe Rambling have defected to other blog services. In any case, I have set up an account on WordPress as well, but haven’t moved everything there yet. Darn! Not a trendsetter this time. Stay tuned.

Artquiltmaker is moving here!