My last day at work was August 14. On September 2, I start a new job. Again, I am being quiet about it. I did change my work status on FB, but haven’t done anything with LinkedIn yet. There is time.

It is weird to be unemployed, though I am really not unemployed. I have a job, I just haven’t started yet.

The image to the left is from a site called B Barefoot.com. I am not linking to it as it looks like a Amway-Mary Kay-Tupperware. You can Google it and go there. That’s what I did.

I like the words. They are very true for my situation.

I thought I would stay after my leave, but while I had changed people that counted saw me in the same way. It was time to go and let someone else have a chance.

It is better for my mental health and better for the new regime to have a clearer playing field.