Ferry Bldg

Ferry Bldg: my own personal almost-360 Project

After 3.5 months off of work, I went back to the office on July 7.You are probably shocked. I kept my leave kind of quiet. I didn’t announce it on Facebook or expound upon the virtues of not having to go into the office on my blog. It didn’t seem right for me.

After two weeks, I have decided, which should be no surprise to anyone, that there was good and bad. A lot of people, including one of the name partners came by my office to say how glad they were to see me and that they had missed me. The people who should have debriefed me and caught me up on what is going on didn’t. I am smart enough to ask the right questions and figure it out for myself, but I would have felt more welcome if they had taken the time.

I have lumped all this information together and decided that I have changed, but the place has not. I know I shouldn’t be surprised and I am really not. REALLY. I was hopeful, though, that the two people who are really problematic would have missed me and realized the value I bring to the organization. Apparently not.

I did a lot of good stuff while I was off, but I didn’t do as much as I wanted. I never do, though. Now I just have to be organized about the time I do have and get as much done as I can without stressing myself out.