Today I received a parking ticket. I deserved it.

I am of the firm belief that sometimes it is impossible to find a free space and I need to pay for parking.Some neighborhoods, like Union Street, I know I need to go straight to a garage and pay. Forget trying to find free parking, it isn’t going to happen. North Beach as well.

If I cannot pay for parking from time to time, I should not drive to that neighborhood.

Periodically, I park in a lot where paying for parking is required, but I do not pay. I take a risk. Mostly I have been winning, but today I lost.

I went to USF and drove around looking for parking for awhile. I didn’t see any garages to pay for parking so I parked in a very empty permit parking only lot.

Yep, got a ticket. I deserved it. I deserved it many times and today it is time to pay the piper. Sometimes you just have to take a risk. When you take a risk, you don’t always win.

I will pay, though I did think about not paying since the penalties don’t seem very terrible. I don’t want it to weigh on my mind, though, so I will pay. Part of the cost of living in the City.