PS, I Love YouPS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I missed seeing the movie, but I didn’t hear flattering reviews of it. I loved this book about an Irish woman whose husband dies. It centers on her, but you get a flavor of how the other people in their lives feel about his loss as well. It was very sad. I think that the author represented the grief of the wife very well. I liked the hook in the story of the wife being given tasks to keep her going and think that would be a good thing for to think about if we found ourselves in the same situation. The story was set in Ireland and I thought that was a good location.

2010 review: I read this book again and noticed some other things that I really liked. First, there wasn’t a lot of explicit sex yet the book was still very effective in creating an air of vibrant young people going through their lives, which includes the opposite sex, and trying to deal with something that they are ill equipped to understand and move through. This is poignantly expressed towards the end at the Christmas Ball where people, who live around the corner and have not spoken to her since the funeral, approach Holly and want to further express their sorrow. It is a good reminder when someone in your set dies to not let contact lie; that your friend needs you.

Second, Daniel falls into the awesome male character category with Henry from Between Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson. He is not pushy, doesn’t mind talking about feelings, is a good companion, but also real in his need for companionship and the decision he makes at the end of the book.

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