I felt like watching TV today, but also felt like working on my project. I had found some Bones episodes online (thanks Fox) and clicked through to watch. It was great having the episodes show on my computer while I did other things. The problem was the commercials. I understand the “need” for commercials, but I don’t understand the need for the same commercial over and over. This is what happened with the 5 Bones episodes that I watched. The same commercial showed twice or three times throughout the episodes. THE SAME EXACT COMMERCIALS. Not only did the repetiveness make me want to scream, it also made me never want to go to the sponsor and give them any of my money.

To make matters worse, the commercial was simplistic and made it seem like the sponsor was introducing new technology when they weren’t. I have been using that same technology through a different vendor for at least a year.

Message to Fox and sponsor: If you are going to force us to watch commercials, please make them funny or intelligent or at least vary them so we don’t want to scream. The repetitiveness does you no favors. And your ad agency should be chastised for suggesting such a strategy.

Oh, and while you are at it, what happened to Dr. Brennan? She is more wooden and socially inept than she was last season. Not nice. Do not like it.