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If you haven’t seen these inspirational quotes and essays about living life simply, they are great. Thanks to Deirdre, I got this one and I really like it. Cheer up!
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Post-it Note #19


Point is anyone at any moment can decide to become a hero.  Don’t wait to find the magical cape.


The magic is YOU.

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ResearchBuzz has a great research tool for genealogists posted on her site. I searched the site for some relatives and came up with some interesting information. You can also save the census pages to your own computer.
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Footnote Makes 1930 US Census Free Through End of August announced yesterday that its 1930 US Census is going to be available free online through the end of August. The direct URL for the resource is

You will have to register to have free access, but all the registration asks for is an e-mail address and a password.

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