Notebookism has posted another organizational system. This one, however looks like it might be one that us visual learners can use without the pain and suffering of other more word based systems.
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The Circle – a simple ToDo System to Get more Things Done


Sigurdur Armannsson wrote in to invite us to an article he wrote last week about a simple to do organising
system for notebooks.

“this is the Circle system. It’s simple and it does not
cost you anything and you don’t need to read a book about it. I (and
you, when you have adopted the system) gain several things: A really
reliable and fast working visual overview of the status of every
project. I see instantly if a page has circles that are not fully
filled. In a while you will notice that you try to get all the circles
filled up so you don’t have to look back on older pages. You will be
aware that you are actually getting more done. The circles are the

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