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This is a site of quick sketches that you can review and tag. I saw one or two interesting ones, but most of them look like people just put them up on the site to have something up there. The tagging is addictive, though. Deirdre found this site and sent it along.
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American libraries should take a lesson from this Swedish bookmobile. It looks like a place that teenagers would want to hang out.
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bookbus by peter thuvander



Design For Mankind shared a link for Peter Thuvander’s library bus, serving the streets of Sweden.

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Here are some more resources that you might want to check regarding these regulations: has information about the passage of the bill as well as a community-created Q&A page where people can submit questions and others will answer them – and

The CPSC page itself has a lot of information about the regulations and the postponement of the testing requirements –

The CLA wrote to Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack and received a reply indicating she is going to request hearings be held on the issues surrounding implementation – I didn’t think the letter was very thoughtful, but I’ll reserve judgment until I hear what happens.

Pedestal tables are the best because you can cram a lot of people around them and not have the “leg in the groin” problem.
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