I think this is an interesting article about how FB and Twitter can enrich our lives. I think that sensing the rhythms of people’s lives makes them feel more connected with each other without having to be on the phone with them every day.
clipped from www.nytimes.com

Brave New World of Digital Intimacy

But as the days went by, something changed. Haley discovered that he was beginning to sense the rhythms of his friends’ lives in a way he never had before. When one friend got sick with a virulent fever, he could tell by her Twitter updates when she was getting worse and the instant she finally turned the corner. He could see when friends were heading into hellish days at work or when they’d scored a big success. Even the daily catalog of sandwiches became oddly mesmerizing, a sort of metronomic click that he grew accustomed to seeing pop up in the middle of each day.

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