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I haven’t tried this,b ut it is a good idea. I would much rather go somewhere and be able to make a bunch of GF meals and bring them home to freeze.
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gluten free

  • Each week you choose five entrees you’d like to make for the week. A GFree subscription is only $10 per month.
  • We offer a comprehensive grocery list with gluten-free brands. 5 dinners and sides cost less than $100 per week at the grocery store. [View a sample grocery list]
  • Gluten-free bread recipes, freezer recipes and gluten-free dessert recipes are also on the site. [Read on]
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    Participate in the poll to show what you use to organize and share your books.
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    Bloggers Search for Best Social Networking Books Site

    Here are the results so far, after 206 votes: 27 percent use Library Thing, 20 percent use Shelfari and 25 percent use GoodReads. 45 percent don’t use any social networking site for books. Follow this link to participate in the poll.

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    Grownups should have fun, too. Today I listened to the CraftSanity podcast about LillyBean Market’s play food made of wool felt. I love this stuff! Hilary Seabolt is a genius and I want it all!
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    Meats / Main Dishes

    Sweets / Tea Time
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    Killer Hobbies brings up an excellent point about keeping track of now. I post frequently about looking at the world around you, but I also need to remember to record the world around me. Here are some prompts that I hope to use to get me started.
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    Living in Interesting Times

    Tomorrow our nation will inaugurate its first black president. I challenge you to record this historic time–if only for your own eyes.
    Here are some questions to get you started:
    Will you be celebrating?
    How will you spend the day?
    Will you watch the ceremony?
    Did you watch or listen to the gathering today on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial?
    What are your hopes and dreams for this new administration?
    What are your fears?
    In your opinion, are we one? Has our country come together?
    Or are our divisions too deep?
    Can we overcome the prejudices and problems of our times?
    Did you vote for Biden and Obama? If not, why not? If you did, why did you?
    And don’t forget to record your emotions: What will cause you to despair? What will move you to tears? What will lift your heart?
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    I think this is an interesting article about how FB and Twitter can enrich our lives. I think that sensing the rhythms of people’s lives makes them feel more connected with each other without having to be on the phone with them every day.
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    Brave New World of Digital Intimacy

    But as the days went by, something changed. Haley discovered that he was beginning to sense the rhythms of his friends’ lives in a way he never had before. When one friend got sick with a virulent fever, he could tell by her Twitter updates when she was getting worse and the instant she finally turned the corner. He could see when friends were heading into hellish days at work or when they’d scored a big success. Even the daily catalog of sandwiches became oddly mesmerizing, a sort of metronomic click that he grew accustomed to seeing pop up in the middle of each day.

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    Christine posted this on FB and I thought it was really interesting. It makes me think about some of the traditions, rituals and practices that have been created or done over the years and why. Perhaps it wasn’t just “always done” that way. Perhaps there were specific reasons that nobody every researched. Interesting concept of “we know it works, but we don’t know why.”
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    For Good Self-Control, Try Getting Religious About It

    If I’m serious about keeping my New Year’s resolutions in 2009, should I add another one? Should the to-do list include, “Start going to church”?

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    I think this web tool could be an entertaining way to liven up photo sharing of various holidays or family events.
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    Welcome to Caption Here you can quickly and easily add bubble captions to your photos and images. Simply upload your image or paste in the location of your image, drag and drop some objects on your photo, enter some text and you’re good to go. We even host your image for you. This is perfect for online family albums, myspace, friendster or wherever you decide to share your images. Bring your images to life, dont leave your viewers guessing! A picture may say a million words, but a captionbubble image will say whatever you want it to.

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