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Tabbloid: A Web 2.0 app for non-Web 2.0 people!

If newspapers are old school, and aggregators are new school, then consider Tabbloid the rest area on the highway between the two.  Tabbloid is a simple Web 2.0 application that allows you to submit a set of RSS feeds along with an email address, and then have sent to you a newsletter via email that aggregates together all the recent postings from those blogs.

Why would you want to do this?  Think about that administrator that you’re trying to get to drink the Kool-Aid but doesn’t quite get why blogs are important.  Gather a set of feeds that you think would appeal to them and create a custom newspaper.  Then, either forward it to their email, or if you don’t think they’d read that, print the darn thing out and stick it in their email box!  Repeat that on a regular basis as needed.  That may help put them in touch with newer thinkers, but in a format that they’re already comfortable with… print.

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