Rebecca's Tale Rebecca’s Tale by Sally Beauman

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The book, Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier was on my mind for awhile. I thought I would look up some scholarly articles and read analyses about the book. Before I could do that this book came to my attention.
The books starts out with very intense emotion in the voice of Colonel Julyan. I had a hard time reading the first part, because it was so intense, and I really thought I would have to abandon Rebecca’s Tale entirely. The voices, however, change as the book progresses and I found that the text became easier to read as they changed. It is interesting to see the different points of view as all the characters speak.

I enjoyed the book, but found that I needed more information about post-war England or there were parts of the book that were a little too unbelievable.

I liked the section where Ellie speaks and would love to see another book about her and her life before this book and then after. I thought she was a good character.

The tone has a bit of the confusion that I find in Rebecca, which, I suppose, is a link between the two books. This book is a bit clearer in what happened, but not completely clear.

There are some parts that are unnecessary like references to Tom’s, and Rose’s, personal situations. I suppose they explain why Tom acts the way he does towards Ellie, and explain the choices that Rose made in her life, but I found them to be unnecessary. These and Colonel Julyan’s end seemed overly dramatic and out of place. has an enlightening description of Rebecca, mentions of sequels and further reading at the website of the organization