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Take a look at this list and see if you agree that these are the 100 best musical works of the 20th century. Whether or not you agree, this is an interesting list.
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The 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century

Throughout the year 2000, NPR presented the stories behind 100 of the most important American musical works of the 20th century. These special features cover music from a wide variety of genres — classical, jazz, rock’n’roll, country, R&B, musical theatre and film scores. NPR 100 stories aired on All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and NPR’s weekend news magazine programs.
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Mom and Dad are selling the family pile, packing up the RV and hitting the road. You and your siblings congenially divied up the china, crystal and silver, but the family photos have reduced sisters to tears and brothers to snarling demons. to the rescue with their incredible deal for scanning a variety of different sized photos. Yes, you have to do the prep work but what a great way to save all those family relationships!

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Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last

Digital photos, of course, are another story. They can be instantly and inexpensively duplicated a million times, stored in lots of different places, stashed online, sent around to relatives. And the modern world of screen savers, slide show software, digital frames, DVD burners, photo books and other digital products make it infinitely easier to show your pictures — which, you could argue, is the whole point of having them.

You’d be forgiven, then, for raising an eyebrow at the offer made by a California company called It says it will professionally scan 1,000 photos for you, the same day it receives them, and put them on a DVD for $50.

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Another ‘pocket sized’ device to haul around ( how big is your purse?), but this one, if it works, may actually be worthwhile. It claims to keep all of your information safe.
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A Pocket-Size Digital Security Guard That Keeps Your Numbers Secret

The Tke Personal Pocket Safe from Blackbox Innovations is like a safety deposit box to hold your critical digital information, including credit card and bank account numbers and all your passwords.

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LibraryThing, with changes in the works, continues to innovate and, seemingly, assist public libraries with improvements to their catalog.

I do take issue with their claims of “cataloging” by individual users. I think cataloging requires special training and experience while tagging can be done by anyone. Critics may claim that cataloging the librarian way is too time consuming and old fashioned, but look at the web. With a little controlled vocabularly and librarian-cataloging, the search engines could retrieve results that were more targeted.

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LibraryThing Releases One Million Free Covers
  • One million free cover images available for download and display in library OPACs
  • 30 million items cataloged by LibraryThing users to surpass LC collection size
  • to acquire minority stake in LibraryThing upon completion of AbeBooks purchase
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