The bad of the web is that it is a time suck. There are other bad things like scams and viruses, but the time suck part is quite insidious. The web is FUN and web 2.0 makes it more fun.

I think that librarians are in their element now with all of the ways of connecting various Web 2.0 applications into feeds and posts to Facebook, etc. I wish that librarians were more out in the forefront and think that this whole SLA23Things project rocks.

There will always be more to learn to what can we do to continue learning? During Week 2, a lady posted about Tumblr. I took a look and didn’t understand it right off the bat and will have to go back, but an option is to have a monthly post or email about something new.

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As technology continues to evolve to accommodate social collaboration and innovation, the world becomes “flatter” and more connected. You’ve already touched many of the new ways that people are sharing photos, videos, blogged thoughts and experiences, and connection with their network of contacts. Global companies have invited consumers to collaborate openly in the development of products and marketing organizations are learning to involve consumers in interactive experiences with their brands.

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