Yes, I am blowing through the weeks I missed pretty fast. I have to make up the time because the program started and I was away from the office.

The question for week 4 was: Which Web 2.0 technology have you found most challenging so far? Why?

I don’t usually find the technologies challenging, once I get into them, but I do find a couple things surrounding the technologies challenging:

  • getting started, trying things out
  • hearing about cool technologies or sites
  • finding help

Getting Started, Trying Things Out

Well, if it is working fine, why change?

As librarians, we can’t think that way, we constantly have to try new things and change, which makes doing it at home more challenging. Who wants to sit at home in front of the computer after working in front of a screen all day? I find that the difference is the fun. A lot of Web 2.0 technologies have a fun factor that our normal online searching sites and library catalogs don’t have. I think that knowing that something will be fun makes it easier to get started.

I also think that if websites or technologies can be used in something you want to try (like adding Delicious to your Facebook profile), then it makes the whole thing easier. You are repurposing content so you don’t have to create new content for each new Web 2.0 technology you try. Flickr is great at making photos available in other places.

Hearing about Cool Technologies or Sites
While this may seem like a no-brainer, for people who consume vast amounts of information and spit it back out, finding info about things that aren’t related to your specific field can be a challenge. I just don’t go to the sites and blogs that announce them. I am not sure if I have time to go to those sites and blogs either. Some newsletters help and, of course, being friends with other tech savvy folk is always useful, but it remains a problem.

Finding Help

If there are help screens (see Delivr), the dudes writing them haven’t talked to users. I can almost never find exactly what I am looking for and I think the help screens need some librarian intervention. Help screens are undervalued and resources are not put toward them as they should be.