Twitter is an interesting service to use at conference if a critical mass of people participate. I found it to be useful at the SLA 2008 Conference in Seattle for updates on what was happening in other sessions. People also transmitted salient points that speakers made. I think it created another level of connection.

Below, Daniel talks about re-tweeting, where tweets are rebroadcast.

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sla2008 re-tweeter

I have developed a re-tweeter for sla2008 based on the Twitter API and John Eckman’s code. Thanks John!

Re-tweeting is helpful for:

  • separating out your sla2008 related tweets from your other tweets
  • sending broadcast messages (6 minute delay) to all sla2008 followers
  • seeing what sla2008 followers are tweeting about without necessarily having to go to the sla2008 page (you have to have device updates from sla2008 turned on if you want the tweets sent to you)
  • creating an archive of tweets on the sla2008 page
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