This is a very interesting post on Cellphone spam. It was easy to set up the blocking and allow certain email addresses to send to your phone. I don’t know if I will ever use this feature, but it is better to be prepared against cell phone spam.
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How to Block Cellphone Spam

The beauty of this feature, of course, is that it blocks ONLY text messages from the Internet. Your friends, using cellphones, can still text you.

* AT&T: Log in at Under Preferences, you’ll see the text-blocking and alias options. Here’s also where you can block messages from specific e-mail addresses or Web sites.

* T-Mobile: T-Mobile doesn’t yet offer a “block text messages from the Internet” option. You can block all messages sent by e-mail, though, or permit only messages sent to your phone’s e-mail address or alias, or create filters that block text messages containing certain phrases. It’s all waiting when you log into and click Communication Tools.

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