David Snowden talked about knowledge sharing. He talked about KM and KS in a very high level way and not at all with cliches and he old, tired advertising slogans. He gave me some new ideas about KM, which I want to think about some more.
clipped from wiki.sla.org

Spotlight session with speaker David Snowden, Cognitive Edge

Some key ideas from David’s presentation:

  • KM is ten years old. The question is… How do you create a knowledge sharing culture? Must understand that knowledge is only ever volunteered; it can’t be scripted. You can’t measure whether someone has shared their knowledge. You can measure conformance if you want to force people to complete a form to share their knowledge.
  • No one will share knowledge in anticipation of your need. Most knowledge systems are anticipation systems.
  • What’s happening now…People chatting with other people they trust in fragmented ways.
  • The way people describe what they are doing is not actually how they are doing it.
  • We can always know more than what we can tell and more than what we can write down. Hard to take tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge.
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