EveryBlock has the potential to become one of the greatest information sources of all time. They are taking data that people really want and putting it on a map. They are using reports and statistics that are already gathered and putting them together so you can look at your neighborhood in new ways.

Tara Calishan has written a great article about them at her site and they really do answer their email, if you contact them.

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EveryBlock Gives You The Skinny On Your Neighborhood — At Least in Three Cities

Confessions of a Digital Packrat had a brief note about a new resource launched called EveryBlock. I went and took a look at it, and it IS pretty impressive — though I’m very jealous that it’s currently only available in three areas. EveryBlock ( http://www.everyblock.com/ ) currently only covers New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Basically what EveryBlock does is take public records and other notations of what’s going on in an area and aggregate them. This is brilliant. It’s like information trapping for an address. For example take a look at the New York City version.

You can browse the information types or the various areas of a city, or you can do an address search. I did a search for 55 East 74th Street , because you know the Eleanor Roosevelt Mansion is up for sale, and I might have $20 million in my sofa cushions. Not.

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