Search Engines are great for textual data. You can usually find something on your topic, if you describe it the right way. Not so with pictures. A variety of organizations have been working for years on searching pictures. Nothing is quite ready for primetime and you still have to tag the pictures so people can search the tags.

PicAnswers has created a site that allows you to post pictures and get answers to what they are: a human search engine! Perhaps librarians will come back in vogue.

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Post a Picture, Get an Answer

PicAnswers LLC announced yesterday the launch of a picture question and answer site called, appropriately enough, PicAnswers ( ). I thought a site like this would be kind of pedestrian but as always the Internet amazes me with what it’ll ask questions about.

You’ll get the idea from the front page of the site — it’s like an answers site, with images. There are a series of pictures with questions attached to them. The pictures at the moment include what appear to be bones on a beach, what look like anime photoshopped llamas, an old tobacco can, and someone’s broken patio ceiling. The questions range from “Is this valuable?” to “What IS this?” and “How do I fix this?” Most of the questions I looked at had some kind of answer, and most of the time it was a useful answer.

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