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Firefox and their great extensions have come to Gmail. Gmail is free, so what’s not to like? The look! It isn’t personal, but with some Firefox extensions, you are on your way to a Gmail box that is you.
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Spruce up the look of your Gmail with Firefox extensions


But… the design could do with a little updating, couldn’t it? It hasn’t changed significantly since its launch in 2004. So if you want to jazz up your Gmail, carry on over the cut to find out how…

Lifehacker recommends using Firefox with the Stylish extension, which allows you to make changes to the look of your Gmail interface – as well as any other site that offends your eyes.

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Many people have great ideas for products and services, but the manufacturing piece stymies them. The internet has solved your problems with Ponoko and Zazzle.
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Become an instant Internet entreprenuer thanks to Ponoko and co.


The Internet lets us do all manner of things: send emails, write blogs and of course, run manufacturing businesses in conjunction with companies halfway across the world.

Wired reports that a growing number of entrepreneurs (who they cutely call “instapreneurs”) are using sites like Zazzle, which will make your design into a t-shirt for general retail, Blurb, which will knock you up a book and Ponoko, which will make up anything from a pair of earrings like the ones pictured above, to a large-scale item of furniture. And they will make as many or as few as you like.

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