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Another research tip for checking out hte owner of a website. If you want to go further you still have to get a subpoena.
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Discover Who Hosts a Web Site

(11 Mar) Want to discover who hosts the site at a particular domain? Key the domain name into Who Is Hosting This? Once you have the Web host, the next step to discovering who owns the site may require sending the host a subpoena, assuming the information isn’t apparent in the domain name registration record.

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The Virtual Chase, 13 February 2003

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This blog talks about managing your online reputation. It is written for lawyers, but any professional can benefi from the tips.
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Managing Your Online Reputation

(Mar 2008) Steve Matthews, founder of Stem Legal and author of Vancouver Law Librarian Blog, discusses the importance of developing and managing an online reputation in the legal industry.

“Online reputation management isn’t a question of blogging gone badly, or someone posting drunken pictures in Facebook (although both are possible). It’s a business issue for every lawyer who practises, and it requires some form of monitoring and, more often than not, active attention.”

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