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Sometimes when you turn to a tech support person for help, you’ll be asked for your IP (Internet Protocol) address. There are several ways to determine this, but one of the easiest is to go to CheckIP at . Your IP address will be displayed in a series of four numbers, each separated by a colon (dot).

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This looks like it might be fun.
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With Foto-Mosaik you can create mosaic-pictures, which are composed of many small
pictures (tiles), from your own photos.
The individual tiles, from which the mosaic-picture will be created, can be selected at random. After
analysis, Foto-Mosaik puts them into one or multiple databases. As a basis you can grab the
pictures from your private collection, or from a photo-cd.
A simple to use wizard will guide you through the freeware/postcardware
program. So it�’s a piece of cake to create you own mosaic pictures
with an extraordinary effect.
Amaze yourself and other people and check it out …

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I am a puzzle fan and never have enough time to do them. Here is a site that might give me more access when I am on the go. Take a look.
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Puzzles & Games - Sudoku, Crosswords, Chess, Checkers

Puzzles & Games: Sudoku, Crosswords, Chess, Checkers & More

Welcome to, the place for family-friendly puzzles and games!

Whether you are young or old, offers an incredible collection of free online puzzles and games. Enjoy Sudoku, crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Play great online games like chess, checkers and even Chinese checkers. Thinks will keep you happily entertained for hours.

  blog it has posted information about sixteen topics and plans to expand in the future. Many of the topics seem home related, but may be useful for some library applications
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Web Site Offers Expertise in Sixteen Topics

I am not a big fan of arbitrary capitalization. You know what I’m talking about; when a company name just sticks a capital letter in there for no particular reason. However, I like eXtension enough that I’m willing to make an exception. eXtension, at , is a project brought to you by over 70 universities (list here) which provides expertise in sixteen topics.

These topics are divided into five categories: Community, Disaster Issues, Family, Farm, Pest Management, and Youth. A couple of these categories only have a couple of topics, while Farm and Community each have five. The topics contain articles, advice, and questions-and-answers. (There will be more topics added over time.)

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If you have been wondering how to review all of those conversations that people are having about various topics, your time has come.
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A Search Engine For Message Boards has mentioned a search engine for message boards called Dipity (Dopity Doo?) It’s at .

Dipiti, according to its home page, indexes over 2300 communities and almost 29 million conversations. They’re divided broadly into health, legal, money, and pet care. (So this is not the search engine to find hockey conversations or discussions of politics.) There’s a tag cloud of topics or you can search within one of the aforementioned categories (or all of them if you like.)

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If you are willing to concede that someone can do your job as well as you then you are justified in this behaviour. If not, then don’t start.
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Unshelved comic strip for Tuesday, March 18, 2008
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Another research tip for checking out hte owner of a website. If you want to go further you still have to get a subpoena.
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Discover Who Hosts a Web Site

(11 Mar) Want to discover who hosts the site at a particular domain? Key the domain name into Who Is Hosting This? Once you have the Web host, the next step to discovering who owns the site may require sending the host a subpoena, assuming the information isn’t apparent in the domain name registration record.

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The Virtual Chase, 13 February 2003

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This blog talks about managing your online reputation. It is written for lawyers, but any professional can benefi from the tips.
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Managing Your Online Reputation

(Mar 2008) Steve Matthews, founder of Stem Legal and author of Vancouver Law Librarian Blog, discusses the importance of developing and managing an online reputation in the legal industry.

“Online reputation management isn’t a question of blogging gone badly, or someone posting drunken pictures in Facebook (although both are possible). It’s a business issue for every lawyer who practises, and it requires some form of monitoring and, more often than not, active attention.”

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