Jason Theodor has created a system for moving you through the routine aspects of your life. New systems at the beginning of the year are always a good thing.
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The Mundane LifeFocus™ Card System (beta)
Created by Jason Theodor of ThereIsNoBox.ca, to promote Routinizational-Imprinting™, a patent-pending, life-altering method to habitualize mundane everyday tasks and incrementally improve happiness and well-being over time.
UPDATE! Mundane LifeFocus™ Card System v5.1 beta 5 Day + Weekend Cut ‘n’ Fold Wallet-sized Business Card Customizable Like-Majick™ Form-Field PDF Version has been released. Further documentation will be forthcoming.
Mundane LifeFocus Card System v5 Sample


10 Good Habits (or more)
To customize your own MLFC™, think of some good habits you would like to enforce. These are things that you know over the course of a year are going to make a big impact in small doses. What are your goals? Where do you want to be? Are they health based, project based, house based, work based? Write 250 words towards a novel, bench press 1 extra pound a day, take a photograph of what’s in your pocket, do the dishes, say something nice to a co-worker, laugh…
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