Archives for the day of: November 15, 2007

I found this book review on LLRX. Julia Wotipka writes an excellent review about a book that tells you how to do everything on the web and even more. The book focuses on the creative, productive and engaging ways to leverage all aspects of web publishing. One thing I found interesting was a mention of a companion website with additional materials including podcasts, tutorial videos and chapter updates. This is an interesting concept to me. Lately I have been thinking of ways that people/companies link information. I think that iTunes does it pretty well with their ‘playlists’ feature. In that program once you download a song, you can include it in many different playlists without storing the song multiple times. Flickr does something similar with photos. Once your photos are uploaded you can include them in different ‘sets.’ So far, I have only seen applications that can do with the same kind of data, eg MP3s or photos or text. I haven’t seen an application where you can store and arrange different types of information in the same application in a display that is pleasing to a human. I am looking for it, though.

Tara over at ResearchBuzz has found a Directory of Gluten Free Restaurants.  The directory includes a few other countries in addition to the US. The search engine is a little primitive as you have to decide what kind of food you want before you search the location, but it is a start and I expect it to improve. The article at ResearchBuzz is funny as well as informative, so take a look.