Archives for the day of: April 22, 2007

Lisa, Laume’s (she of Beach Treasure and Laume’s Studio) DIL, has a new blog. Go and checkĀ  out Creative Slave. Great and thoughtful writing (only two posts, but much promise), lovely pink color scheme. She seems to be focusing on parenting thoughts at the moment, but is calling her blog a space of her own, her “jar of thoughts,” which I think is a lovely image.

Cindy Chick over at LawLibTech recently talked about CiteBite on her blog. I thought “blah blah – another little extension that is not useful.” WRONG! It is really useful, especially when blosing through many Google Alerts and trying to organize them on a blog. CiteBite allows you to point someone directly to a bit of a certain page. This works really well if you want to send someone to a specific part of a long page. It is similar to using Ctrl-F, but more direct.