Archives for the day of: February 9, 2007

Someone asked me what I was planning on this weekend. I probably have to work, because we have a client who is a PITA x12. I want them out of my hair in the short term and want to get rid of them as fast as I can in the long term. Ideally, I would win the lottery this week, which is 25 million and would do me nicely. I keeping making lists of the things I would want to do if I won the lottery and I can’t really get above $3 million, though not working a regular job is kind of an unknown amount of money since I am too lazy to figure out how much I would need to live every month, especially if DH wanted to quit work as well. I figured I could just write down the tangible things and have someone else worry about the other things once I won.

I have been thinking of quilt classes to take – Paula Nadelstern and Joen Wolfrom are going to be in the area – but I decided that I have lots of quiltmaking of my own that I am excited about and want to work on, so I will just take PA’s class in May and work on my own stuff. There are a few UFOs that I want to get finished so they are not hanging around and I don’t feel like I have to feel guilty about starting something new. Not that I do! Guilt being so unproductive and all…. 😉 Still, I would like to have some of them off my plate just to clear psychic/creative space in my mind. So, in between work I will work on the backs of the various quilts I have finished recently so I can get them to the quilter and get them done.

I decided not to move Artquiltmaker Blog, but will post to this blog as well. There are things that I sometimes want to write about that do not fit into Artquiltmaker Blog. So I will post them here. This blog’s name will change slightly, but I haven’t decided what it will be called — something like Artquiltmaker Unleashed or Artquiltmaker’s Evil Twin. We’ll see.

ARtquiltmaker Blog on WordPress is being renamed AQ on the Edge. It will take a new direction that will probalby encompass quiltmaking, but will also discuss non quilt related topics that interest me. If you want to stick to quiltmaking go to Artquiltmaker.