Another batch of new fabric arrived yesterday. One problem with online ordering is that the actual stuff doesn’t arrive until a week or so later. At the time I am usually gratified to have ordered it, but I don’t get the true sense of instant gratification, because it isn’t in my hands. Perhaps that should give me pause. It doesn’t, though. Still, the fabrics I received are very nice and will go well with the other dots.

It appears that I am on a total pink binge. I think I may have purchased one of these pinks for the third time! The good thing about pink is that it makes any quilt look floatier and lighter.

The orange and blue with the specks on the bottom left are definitely duplicates. I bought a pack of all the colorways at APNQ a couple of years ago and these are in that pack.

I noticed that some of these fabrics do not look at all like the picture on the website. That is another problem with shopping online. Still, you can’t beat the online experience for not having to spend the time getting in the car and driving somewhere only to be subjected to a limited palette from which to choose. Shopping online really opens up the possibilities.