WARNING: If you plan to read this blog entry, you have to be prepared to think outside the box. I plan to play with your mind and disregard most of the ‘accepted’ color rules. I will also have more questions than answers.

Definitions for this post only:
Color: notblack, grey, beige, brown, tan, white
Neutral: black, grey, beige, brown, tan, white

I have been thinking color as a neutral. The basic question is: can a color be a neutral. Related to this question is another question: can a color act like a neutral?

I have made a number of quilts that do not use a neutral as a background or main color.

The Punk Rock Quilt uses hot pink/fuschia as the background color. In this case, my test didn’t work so well. I like the quilt, but as far as using fuschia as a neutral, it didn’t work. I think the failure had to do with the proportion of pink to black/white.

Additionally, if you use enough of a color, will the ‘rules’ of hot/cold colors force it to not recede or not jump forward? Again, is this a proportion thing?

I actually think proportion may be the key. I haven’t had time to further investigate, so stay tuned. Comments are welcome.