I got a sample of Mrs. Meyer’s dishwashing soap. The scent was geranium. This is not a scent I have ever thought much a about. I don’t think I knew that geraniums had a scent, but I tossed the sample soap into my dishwater last night and it was amazing! Very light, not chemical-ly, not overpowering. I have been thinking about it all day. I was disappointed not to have had more of it tonight when I did the dishes again. Fortunatley, the sell it at drugstore.com, so I can get some with my next order. Aromatherapy in action? I think it has made me happier today…as odd as that sounds.

Happiness brings productivity in quiltmaking. All weekend, I worked on SLB’s blocks. My calendar dutifully informed me that I have only 13 days until the shower. Most of the blocks have three sides of sashing sewn on to them. (A good thing) I have been making progress using chain piecing methods and sheer determination. I need to 1) count the blocks; 2) figure out how many blocks I will need to make a nice sized quilt and, finally, 3) figure out if there are people who might like to contribute who will not be at the shower. I think ESGL and MCLB will both like to make a block. We’ll see.

I took the bull by the horns and started the block exchange that JCN and I have been planning. Yes, I did tell her when we were on the phone this afternoon. Again, we’ll have to see what happens. My block is a Sawtooth Star on point, which JCN says is called Evening Star:

Additionally, I cut a couple more blocks for the Thoughts on Dots piece. Immerhin.

The addition of the blue dot square (Alexander Henry??) looks good. I think pink and yellow make an excellent combination, but want to use more of my dots than just pink and yellow. I have a chocolate brown with dots that I will have to dig out, as well. I think ToD may be the one use I will find for it.

All of this block making (SLB’s and the ToD) is sort of related to the Judy Martin’s Scraps book. I started reading it last night and she has an interesting essay on scrap quilts. One of the things she says (paraphrased) is that if you use the same fabrics for all of your blocks, the creativity ends after the selection of fabrics, but if you use scraps, each block is a new work of art. I like that thought and I think it is true. SLB’s blocks all have different sashing, which make them somewhat scrappy. It will definitely look scrappy once it is put together. It makes me much happier working on SLB’s blocks to have so many different fabrics to work with.