I had been thinking of this machine lately and had a chance to go and look at it on Saturday. I am in love. The thing is wonderful! I want it. You can see all of the bells and whistles at the official Janome 11,000 page.

I have a Janome 9000 and have been very happy with it. Lately I have been lusting after a new machine and the 11000 looks wonderful. It has the same precision sewing that my current machine does, the color screen (that uses a stylus and not fingers) as well as the larger bed that some of my pals have been raving about in the
Janome 6500. I believe that is that the correct model.

The 11000 can read from CDs, straight from a computer or, as I mentioned from a flash drive! There is a USB slot so you can stick a flash drive right into the
sewing machine! Talk about cyborgs! This is a computer-sewing machine
cyborg, if there is such a thing.

The cost, with all the bells and whistles is too much. I don’t have it.

I went to a different dealer than I have been visting and they were very nice, very attentive and not slimey. Classes on using the machine and the software are included for as long as I own the machine. They also have an embroidery club that meets every
month. They offer membership that club free for a year after you buy a machine. I don’t do a lot of embroidery, but I enjoy the simple things that I do with the embroidery module. With the 11000, it sounds like Janome has made the embroidery module much easier to use and manipulate the designs, so I might use it more often.

Sigh. I just wish it weren’t so much, though I am sure it is
worth it. I told DH about it and he didn’t say anything. I will just
have to work harder and save my pennies. Or win the lottery.