Saturday CQFA had a members only workshop on design with Liz Berg. She was a good teacher. Informative, fun, well prepared. I thought I was insane to try another design class from a quilt teacher after I signed up for this one, but it turned out fine. She wasn’t familar with Pentak & Lauer’s Design Basics book, but I was still impressed with her teaching.

She went over the basics of design – line, value, etc and then had us do exercises. Some of the exercises were similar to the ones we did in the other class I took, but they made more sense this time, because of the preparation.

One thing she said was to keep a sketchbook. Her sketchbook has magazine cut outs in in it as well as her own doodles and drawings. I am going to try to at least condense my doodles and drawings, but I may have to just do them in my journal as I can’t imagine carring a sketchbook as well as a journal. Still, I did get the cool sketchbook with colored pencils for Christmas so perhaps I will have to.

I would recommend her as a teacher. I’ll post some of my exercises later. See Liz Berg’s work at