I spent some of Friday and Saturday trimming and sewing napkins. I have seven sewn and ready to press and topstitch. I don’t know why I don’t have eight, but I don’t.

The fronts are made of various food and food related fabrics. The backs are made from Michael Miller’s fabric with the 1950s family and their funny comments like “Thanks honey, mother will never taste the arsenic”. DS thinks the fabric is hilarious.

I did the first round of sewing (FQ right sides together, sew around the edge with a straight stitch leaving an opening slightly larger than your hand, turn inside out press). I am now at the pressing stage.

This pressing stage is always a pain, because no matter what I do the are where the stitching is wants to collapse in towards where the raw edges of sam seam are. Sigh.

I have tried pressing the seams open before I turn the napkin inside out. Didn’t make a difference. This time I will try to press with my mini iron by sticking my hand and the iron on the inside of the napkin. I am not hopeful, but we will see.

This is the only photo that really came out at all. It was hard to press with the mini iron and take photos at the same time.

You can see how I stuffed the mini iron into the inside of the napkin after I had turned it inside out and was pressing from the inside.

I have finaly sewed these together and they came out moderately well. I still need to work harder at preventing the sleeves from collapsing.