Archives for the month of: October, 2005

There is a great saying that someone told me: OBE – overcome by events. That is what happened, but I am still committed to the blog, so please come back.

The things I am thinking about now are:

-what makes a good [quilt] teacher
-how much slack should you cut a teacher to whom you pay money?
-just by virtue of walking into a room of quiltmakers, should you consider them your friends? Should you expect them to consider you their friend?
-napkins. I am trying to get another long term pending project off the back of my chair. I just need to sew.
-clearing out stashes. I did it and brought 3 bags of first quality fabric to the Children’s Quilt Project. I had help and my friend also reorganized my fabric so I can find stuff. I now have a section of quilt back fabric, which is great.
-exchanges. A friend and I are doing a block exchange. We haven’t started yet, but it seems doable. I can’t wait.

More soon…I hope!

I discovered a cool photo site that provides great inspiration on Louanne Sassone’s blog today. It is nice to see some photos as essay. Take a look and get inspired!

No, I didn’t abandon the blog. Life got in the way. School started, which means PTO meetings, Cub Scouts,etc. I also had to go deal with a family pseudo-emergency (nobody died) in SoCal one weekend which kept me away from home two weekends in a row. Anyway, I am back, though no sewing under my belt.

City Arts and Lectures is one of my favorite radio shows. I listened to Wayne Thiebaud last week on my way back from the Qi Gong retreat. Thiebaud is one of my favorite artists. I love the simple complexity of his work. One of his assistants worked as an adjunct professor at Berkeley and I was fortunate enough to have him as a teacher in an art class. I still have the works that I did in the class. I never get tired of looking at them. Colored pencil is still one of my favorite media (after fabric, of course!).

Anyway, one of the great things that Thiebaud said is that he isn’t an artist, he is a painter and that history wil have to decide whether he is an artist. I love that and plan to adopt it as my mantra. I have been thinking about it a lot and what it means. I think it means that I can just do my work.

Being an artist is so much responsibility. I don’t know if I am artist or if I am making art and I don’t want to decide. I just want to do what I do let someone else deal with the labels.

I really wish that City Arts and Lectures would put their lectures on, so I could listen to Thiebaud’s comments again.