Archives for the day of: July 1, 2005

Feelin’ Blue, Too 2 halves
Originally uploaded by jlapac.

This is one of the blocks that are scheduled to be sewn together. At the moment only the two halves are sewn together. I do like the way the four patch in the middle looks now that the halves are each sewn together. I think it will look great when the whole block is sewn together.

This is also one block that I thought had too little blue and too much other color in it. It has changed since parts were sewn together. As I mentioned, I think that all the different colors will work out.

I guess I had better get to it.

Seeing Red
Originally uploaded by jlapac.

Kristen asked to see a picture of Seeing Red, which was the bullseye quilt from last year. Here it is. It was quilted by Colleen Granger.