Archives for the day of: June 30, 2005

I saw Flickr on ResearchBuzz (from my other life) and set up an account. I love it! I may buy a Pro account. Flickr makes it sooooo easy to post to the blog. I don’t know how I can’t use it. No more ftping to Netcom or anywhere. We’ll have to see.

Feelin Blue detail 2
Originally uploaded by jlapac.

My last little sewing jag resulted in half blocks, as I think I mentioned. Of all the half blocks, I think this is the one that I like best. I am surprised that I like this one best, because it has so much non-blue fabric in it. I just love those yellow-greens. JZS was so right when she said that the non-blue colors would end up looking ok. They look better than OK – they look great!